MTM® Aligners

Discreet and Comfortable Orthodontics

When your teeth are crooked, the cosmetic effect on your smile’s appearance is only one of many potentially negative impacts. Other effects can include diminished bite function, tooth damage due to uneven bite pressure, increased risk of chronic dental issues, and much more. For some patients, however, the idea of wearing traditional metal braces is more than they’re willing to consider. To help more patients enjoy the benefits of a straighter smile, we offer more discreet MTM® aligners, which utilize a series of clear aligners rather than traditional metal brackets and wires.

What are MTM® aligners?

MTM® stands for minor tooth movement, and the aligners are designed to achieve exactly that. The goal of the aligners is to straighten crooked teeth in a faster and more comfortable process, all while helping you keep your treatment virtually undetectable. Unlike traditional braces, the aligners focus mainly on the cosmetic aspects of your smile, and on straightening your teeth in a way that optimizes your smile’s overall appearance. The procedure is less involved than traditional orthodontic treatment, and therefore, it may not be a viable option if your tooth misalignment is severe.

The benefits of clear aligners

There are many different benefits that come with wearing clear aligners rather than conventional braces. For example, the most noticeable benefit is that your treatment is much more discreet, allowing you to retain your confidence in your smile even throughout the course of your treatment. You can also remove the aligners to brush and floss your teeth, or to eat your favorite foods, without having to worry about working around braces. Because MTM® aligners are more cosmetically focused, treatment is also faster than treatment with traditional braces.

Find out if you qualify for MTM® aligners

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