One-Visit Crowns with CEREC Dentistry by Dr. Brad Greenfield

If you’ve ever had a dental crown, you know that the procedure can be irritating. First of all, you’re going to need two appointments. Then, you’ll wear a temporary, and if that temporary cracks or falls out, you’ll have to head back in to the dentist’s office for yet another visit.

Your time is precious.

I’m Dr. Brad Greenfield, and I don’t think you should have to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary in my office – though my team and I love to chat with our patients. Your time is simply too valuable. With modern CAD/CAM technology, my in-office CEREC machine allows me to design, fabricate, and place permanent porcelain crowns in one visit. One visit, not two, not three. One.

Instead of sending an impression to my dental lab, with CEREC I use a digital 3D impression and special software to design custom-fitted restorations. Your CEREC crown will be milled from a durable and CEREC Block that matches the shade of surrounding teeth. Once in place, your CEREC crown will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Only you and I have to know you’ve had dental work!

CEREC isn’t the best option for every situation. For instance, back teeth that must endure intense, crushing pressure are better off with a porcelain-fused to metal, all-metal, or zirconia crown. For teeth in the front of your mouth (those that show when you smile), CEREC is a practical and esthetic alternative to lab-made restorations.

Have questions? Give me a call at Lake Orion Dentistry today. We’ll schedule a consultation so that you and I can talk about your dental situation and the best way to address any concerns. My team and I look forward to meeting you!