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Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is a procedure that reshapes periodontal tissues to make cosmetic improvements. That can mean removing excess tissue in order to reveal more of your tooth structure and make teeth appear longer, or it can mean reshaping bumpy or uneven areas to give you a more symmetrical appearance. Our practice uses laser tools instead of manual ones to do this work because it offers more comfort and precision.

Using Laser Tools To Treat Your Gums

Laser technology can improve your contouring experience because it can make care more precise. Another is that with laser tools, we can reduce bleeding during care, and we can even remove the need for suturing! With this approach, you can heal more quickly and start enjoying results sooner!

What Can Your Procedure Do For Your Appearance?

Gum contouring can take on different issues that make your smile look awkward and unbalanced. This service has helped many people by:

  • Removing excess tissues to lengthen teeth
  • Smoothing out areas where gums appear bumpy or uneven
  • Correcting imbalances so that tissues are uniform, leading to better smile symmetry

Because gum contouring with laser tools is more precise than with manual tools, we can do more sophisticated work to give you the smile you desire!

Lake Orion Family Dentistry Offers Laser Gum Contouring Services

By providing gum contouring treatments using laser tools, we can take on issues that disrupt smile symmetry and leave teeth appearing too short or squat. We are proud to provide this service with laser tools rather than manual ones, as we can provide a more comfortable experience during and after care. For more information on this procedure and its benefits, please reach out to Lake Orion Family Dentistry at 248-693-6213.

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