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Metal-Free Dental Work

Dental restorations made from metal protect tooth structure and preserve bite strength, but they can do so at the cost of your smile! Our practice uses metal-free restorations in order to provide the protection you need and preserve your appearance.

Types Of Metal-Free Restorations That We Offer

Common Questions About Metal-Free Dentistry

Will My Restoration Stay In Good Condition?

The non-metal materials we use are strong enough to hold up against years of pressure generated when you bite and chew. We check on all restorations a patient has during dental checkups and can let you know if any need to be replaced.

How Will I Know Which Restoration Is Right For Me?

Your dentist will let you know what you should receive based on the condition of the tooth being restored.

How Does A Restoration Preserve My Smile?

In addition to closely matching the texture and look of healthy tooth enamel, the materials used to create fillings, crowns, and prostheses can be tinted to mirror the color of surrounding teeth.

Will I Need To Change My Oral Hygiene Routine?

You do not need to adopt a special oral hygiene routine to keep restorations safe. We can answer questions about smile care after you undergo treatment for dental decay or any other threat.

Your Lake Orion, MI Dentist’s Office Provides Metal-Free Dentistry!

Dental services that do not rely on metal restorations can provide lasting support for teeth without making undesired changes to your smile. To find out more about our practice and our non-metal restorations, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI today at 248-693-6213!

Our Services

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General Dentistry

General dental care provides preventive services along with feedback about your oral health. We provide important oral health reviews for patients of all ages.

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Advanced Dentistry

The right solution for an active oral health issue can give you more confidence in your smile along with the support to bite and chew comfortably.

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Children’s Dentistry

We strive to make every visit comfortable for the kids who depend on us, and we provide reviews and protection that helps you keep them safe from oral health threats.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer conservative, lasting solutions to the flaws that rob people of confidence in the way they look when they speak and smile.