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Porcelain Bridges And Dentures

Tooth loss can seriously compromise your smile and oral health. Fortunately, restorative work can do more than just defend vulnerable teeth. We provide custom dental bridges as well as partial and full dentures to address different degrees of tooth loss.

Using A Dental Bridge To Restore Your Smile

A bridge consists of a pair of dental crowns, at least one pontic (replacement tooth), and a base that mimics the appearance of your gums. The crowns are affixed to teeth that neighbor a gap in your smile; through their placement, the restoration is permanently secured. 

A bridge is an effective non-surgical solution that permanently closes the space left by tooth loss. The prosthesis offers a lifelike appearance as well as support so that you can return to a natural bite movement.

Restore Incomplete Smiles With Partial And Full Dentures

  • A partial denture is constructed to fill gaps when several non-adjacent teeth are missing from your smile. Clasps are carefully placed to discreetly hold the restoration throughout the day. This provides one convenient appliance as a solution when you would need multiple bridges to address tooth loss.
  • A complete denture fully replaces a row of teeth. Care is taken to produce a realistic appliance as well as one that can fit your upper or lower jaw comfortably and stay in place throughout the day.

We Can Offer Implant Support For Your Prosthesis

Based on your health and your concerns about tooth loss, we can discuss implant dentistry as a means of holding your prosthetic in place. Doing so requires oral surgery for the implant placement itself, but this effectively gives you permanent stability for a restoration and produces stimulation that is important to your jaw health.

Talk To Lake Orion Family Dentistry About Our Prosthodontic Services

Your custom dental bridge or denture can give you back your complete smile and take away the different cosmetic and oral health concerns that arise from tooth loss. We use restorations that are made with lifelike materials to produce welcome cosmetic changes, and we take care to do work that has lasting benefits for your comfort and dental function. For more information, call our Lake Orion, MI dental office at 248-693-6213.

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