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Bruxism Appliances

While teeth grinding is often tied to certain heightened emotional states, it can become a nightly issue for some people. If you often grind and clench your jaw while you sleep, you can do harm to your teeth and put your joints and muscles through worrying strain. Fortunately, protection against habitual grinding—often referred to as bruxism—is available!

Warning Signs Of Nighttime Teeth Grinding

  • Regularly up with jaw pain and facial soreness
  • Teeth that appear flattened or worn
  • Jaw stiffness and discomfort that worsens over time
  • The onset of TMJ disorder
  • Chips or cracks in teeth

In addition to looking out for these issues yourself, you can receive warnings if your dentist observes signs of bruxism during a routine dental exam.

Treating Patients Affected By Bruxism

Preventing Further Harm To Your Smile

We provide custom oral guards that patients can wear during the night to protect their teeth. These appliances are made with a durable and safe plastic, and they are carefully shaped to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Restoring Teeth That Have Been Damaged

We will evaluate your teeth to assess the impact that bruxism has already had on your smile and health. Cosmetic dentistry takes on problems with teeth that look unattractive but still retain their health and bite strength. Teeth that need functional protection can receive lifelike dental crowns.

Talk To Your Lake Orion, MI Dentist About Bruxism

Nightly teeth grinding can carry serious consequences, but there are protections available. To find out how we can provide a custom guard that defends your smile against this threat, call our dental office in Lake Orion, MI today at 248-693-6213!

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