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Sealants And Fluoride

Sealants and fluoride treatments give a child’s teeth extra protection against decay; we offer these services as part of our overall approach to cavity prevention. We provide additional support by educating the parents of young children on smile care, encouraging little ones to develop good habits between appointments, and consistently providing in-office preventive services.

How Fluoride And Dental Sealants Help


Fluoride is a mineral found in ADA-approved toothpastes, and it is often included in municipal water supplies for its dental benefits. It helps with recovery from minor enamel erosion so that teeth are less likely to be damaged to the point that cavities form.

Dental Sealants

A clear plastic substance is applied to your child’s teeth to create a barrier against food particles and bacteria. We carefully coat this substance on teeth to let it harden. Even as it breaks down, it can remain present between cusps and protect hard-to-reach spaces.

More Notes On Cavity Prevention For Parents

Cavity formation is concerning at any age, but it can be especially troubling when decay affects a growing smile. Before children are old enough for the added support of fluoride and sealants, we focus on instilling good hygiene habits that little ones can practice at home as well as in-office care. 

Fluoride treatments and dental sealants add to the support they have from their visits and the habits they have developed. However, they do not eliminate the need for good preventive care and subsequent appointments.

Talk To Your Lake Orion, MI Dentist About How Fluoride And Dental Sealants Protect Kids’ Smiles

To help keep kids safe from cavities, we can use fluoride and dental sealants to keep enamel safe from harm that demands restorative treatment. If you would like to learn more about these treatments, or if you have more general questions about pediatric dental care, call our dental practice in Lake Orion, MI today at 248-693-6213!

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