Tooth-Colored Fillings

Biocompatible Fillings for Tooth Cavities

Treating cavities is one of the most frequent needs of modern restorative dental treatment. While metal amalgam fillings have been a go-to solution for over a hundred years, we prefer using tooth-colored composite resin to craft fillings that don’t contain any trace of metal at all. Composite resin is created from a mixture of acrylic and quartz-like particles, allowing us to create fillings that blend in discreetly with your healthy, natural tooth structure. Tooth-colored resin also responds more favorably to your teeth, making them more resilient against harmful oral bacteria.

The many benefits of metal-free fillings

One of the greatest benefits of tooth-colored fillings is the fact that they don’t contain any traces of metal. For patients who have metal allergies, are pregnant, very young, or particularly old, the lack of metal makes the fillings a much safer and more effective treatment options. In addition, the ability to blend in with your tooth makes a resin filling a more attractive and cosmetically appealing option, allowing you to treat your cavity while improving your smile’s overall appearance.

Avoiding more serious tooth infection

Because of their more biocompatible nature, tooth-colored fillings offer several significant benefits beyond appearance and a lack of trace metals. For example, when resin is bonded to your tooth structure inside of the cavity, it adheres to it more securely than metal can. The resulting seal is therefore more reliable and resilient against the harmful bacteria that could re-infect your cavity. This reduces your risks of needing more extensive treatment to address more severe infection in the tooth.

Enjoy a better filling for your cavity

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