Why Treating Gum Disease Promptly Matters

Until you have to deal with it, gum disease can seem like a distant threat; something to be aware of, but not something you think you’ll have to deal with any time soon, or ever. Yet, once gum disease develops, its presence can become the biggest concern for your immediate and long-term oral health, threatening your ability to maintain your healthy, natural smile. At our Lake Orion, MI, dental office, we can help you avoid that threat by treating gum disease promptly with customized periodontal care and maintenance. The sooner you get your gum disease under control, the more effectively you can save your smile from its potentially devastating consequences. (more…)

3 Times to Visit the Dentist Besides an Exam and Cleaning

One of the most important tenets of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful for life is to make visiting your dentist a routine part of your schedule. Without regular checkups and cleanings, your smile would quickly fall victim to chronic issues like tooth decay, gum disease, chronic bad breath, and more. However, in addition to routine preventive visits, there may be times when preserving your smile means visiting your dentist as soon as possible. Today, we take a look at just a few examples of when it’s a good idea to schedule a dental visit, even when it isn’t time for your next routine appointment. (more…)

Do You Need To Worry About Your Gum Health?

If you start to experience a toothache, or if you notice that your teeth are starting to lose their whiteness, you can become concerned about the condition of your smile. Do you know what signs of trouble to look out for when it concerns the condition of your gums? Is the health of your periodontal tissues something you really need to worry about? If your gums develop an infection, the problem can become serious if it is not addressed in time. With this in mind, you should watch out for signs of gingivitis, the first stage of an infection. At our Orion, MI dental office, we can talk to you about what to watch out for if you want to check on the condition of your gums. We can also identify problems during a routine dental exam, and let you know if you could benefit from a special periodontal cleaning. (more…)

3 Reasons to Get Your Crown in One Visit

For a long time, dental crowns have been a preferred solution for fixing and improving teeth with a wide range of concerns. Their ability to completely cap and restore teeth has helped patients more successfully preserve their smiles. Today, dental crowns are more lifelike than ever before, and with the help of advanced technology, you can also receive your restoration much faster – often in just one day! At our Lake Orion, MI, dental office, we may recommend placing your dental crown using innovative CEREC technology, which allows us to design and craft your restoration all within our office. (more…)

Is My Smile White? Or Not?

You may suddenly find yourself asking a question that you aren’t sure how to answer: Is my smile white? Of course, smiles are simply considered to be white but at what point, you wonder, does your smile classify instead as stained, discolored, dim, lackluster, or anything other than white? Does your smile shade look identical to that of your friend’s? While the topic may start to feel a little confusing, our Lake Orion, MI team would be more than pleased to offer clarification regarding what makes a white smile, what to do if you think yours could look brighter, and more!


Restorative Care: Are You Ready To Smile About It?

Are you ready to smile a nice, big, healthy smile about restorative dental care? If you’re not quite in that mental place just yet, then this is likely because you have not yet become familiar with the many wonderful ways its treatments can improve your oral health. Before you dismiss it because you worry it will feel uncomfortable to receive (hint: with our Lake Orion, MI team, it will feel perfectly comfortable!), we suggest you take a second glance. Remember, the care you provide today impacts the health of your smile tomorrow and well into the future.