Don’t Beat Yourself Up About Your Bruxism

When you learn that you have bruxism disorder, you may find yourself feeling lots of emotions! One thing that may happen is you may end up giving yourself a somewhat hard time about the fact that you didn’t pick up on it before we found it. Or, you may have known for some time that something was going on but you didn’t follow through on treatment because it didn’t seem that pressing to you … until now! Whatever the case, our Lake Orion, MI team strongly suggests that you instead take a positive outlook, so you can protect your smile from any additional problems. Consider our reasoning!


Tooth Decay: Why It’s A Serious Enemy To Consider!

You may think of tooth decay as something that’s not really a very big deal. It can happen to anyone, it’s fixable with the help of a dental filling, and we can find it for you very early on. So, why bother to really worry? Well, the truth is, these are all accurate details if you are doing your best to keep up with your dental care! However, our Lake Orion, MI team is aware that some patients have some other ideas about cavities or tend to feel a little bit too relaxed about how easy it is to stop decay in its tracks. Think a bit more about why you need to keep on your toes in terms of decay!


Aligning Your Smile: Details To Consider

The moment you realize you’re finally feeling ready to align your smile is a wonderful one! You immediately allow yourself to visualize your straight grin as it will appear in the future, which is a huge sigh of relief if you’ve been dealing with years of upset over spacing, overcrowding, crooked teeth, or otherwise. The only issue? The fact that though you know what you want, you’re not entirely sure how to get it. This, of course, is where our Lake Orion, MI team comes in! Just come on in for further information, so you can get started as soon as possible.


Do I Need A Periodontal Cleaning? Or Not?

When patients visit our Lake Orion, MI practice, one of the common questions we receive from them is how they will know if they need a periodontal cleaning or a traditional cleaning. Generally speaking, those requiring traditional professional cleanings are those whose gums are healthy! Those in need of a deep (or periodontal) cleaning will include those individuals whose gums are not so healthy. However, we know that you’re interested in some deeper details, so we are happy to get you started (and will be pleased to offer you personalized answers when we see you next!).


Lake Orion Lion’s Club Downtown Jubilee


Mark your calendars for a three-day extravaganza of fun for the Lake Orion, MI community. This gathering is part family reunion, part fairground, part race track (for little ones on Big Wheels, that is) and an all around good time. Your Lake Orion family dentists reminds you to enjoy a safe and sensible adventure. Drink plenty of water, rinse after eating sweets (that helps prevent cavities) and wear a hat and sunscreen if you’ll be spending the day outside. Above all, have fun! (more…)

Pack for Your Trip with Your Smile In Mind


Staycation? Beach weekend? Business travel? College internship? Sleepaway camp? No matter how old you are or where you live, there’s a pretty good chance you might be traveling this summer. Any time there is a break routine, there is a chance your dental habits might need a little extra support. Luckily, your trusted dentist in Lake Orion, MI has convenient scheduling hours and reminder texts and is available to answer questions. A little advance thought when packing can insure your smile doesn’t suffer this summer! (more…)