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Things You Can’t Do if You Have Gum Disease

Many people who have gum disease don’t realize the extent of the problem, or its significance to their oral health, until it reaches its later, more severe stages. This can include severe levels of erosion in your gum tissues, as well as a loss of mass and density in your jawbone structure, the loss of… Read more »

How to Deal with Gingivitis if It Develops

Some oral health concerns, like bad breath, seem like more immediate problems than others. For most people, bad breath is something they have to deal with every day when they wake up in the morning. Concerns like tooth decay or gingivitis (the early stage of gum disease) might seem like distant worries by comparison, but… Read more »

Would You Know if You Had Gingivitis?

Your oral health is complex, and much of it goes largely unnoticed throughout the course of your day. Because of this, conditions like gingivitis (which is the precursor to gum disease) can often develop and progress before patients realize they have it, or are even at risk for it. The problem with not recognizing gingivitis… Read more »

Can Gingivitis Make Your Teeth Hurt?

When gingivitis develops, the seriousness of it can often be underestimated. That’s often because the symptoms of it don’t seem serious, if they’re noticeable at all. There are also signs of gingivitis that you might not realize are associated with the health and integrity of your gums, such as a growing sensitivity in one or… Read more »

How to Stop Gum Disease’s Development

Knowing that gum disease is often incurable once it reaches a certain point can have different impacts. For example, it could motivate you to take your periodontal health more serious and do more to prevent gum disease from developing. Or, if you already have gum disease, then it may seem like your fight against it… Read more »

Do You Have Gingivitis? Why You Should Take It Seriously

A lot of people recognize the terms, gingivitis and gum disease, but many of them understand the conditions differently. To some, gum disease seems like an abstract threat, and as long as they keep brushing and flossing every day, it can remain as such. For others, it can seem like one of the biggest immediate… Read more »