Category: General Dentistry

Chewing Pain, Chewing Strain, And Fixing The Issue!

You know on an instinctual level that your chewing … it shouldn’t be a problem. It should just be something you do really without thinking too much about it. After all, you do a lot of it! This process lets you eat food, which is essential for your daily nutrition intake! It shouldn’t hurt, it… Read more »

Sugar And The Stuff You Should Really Remember

It’s extremely rare that you run into someone who makes a “yuck!” face, when sugar is mentioned. Most people love it! It’s sweet, it’s delightful, it’s a main ingredient in many delicious desserts, beverages, and more! With that said, it’s also rare that you run into someone who really feels completely confident in terms of… Read more »

What’s Breath Got To Do With It?

You know that there’s something you think of as “good breath,” which really just means you’re not putting any offensive odors out into the world, when you’re standing close enough for someone to catch a whiff! Then, you also know that there’s bad breath, which can cause even those who love you the most to… Read more »

Enjoy Candy-Free Fun This Halloween! 

Halloween is barreling in our direction, which means you essentially have two choices if you are someone who happens to really like candy. You can choose to bring it into your celebration. Or, you may choose to avoid it! Whatever you decide, if you find that you often wonder what else you could do to… Read more »

Autumn Is Here: Smile Stuff To Start Stocking! 

What does it mean now that autumn has officially graced us with its presence? Well, there’s a very long list of answers that comes with that! Of course, it means that the fall and winter holidays are steadily getting closer and closer. It means cooler weather. As a result, it also means there are some… Read more »

Soda: Super? So-So? Or Smile Damaging?

Yum! Soda. It’s effervescent and crisp. It’s oh so refreshing. It’s…bad for your smile health? Or, is that only certain type of carbonated beverages? Or, is it only if it’s a drink packed full of sugar? You know that you’re probably supposed to steer clear of soda pop when at all possible but the reason… Read more »