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3 Times to Visit the Dentist Besides an Exam and Cleaning

One of the most important tenets of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful for life is to make visiting your dentist a routine part of your schedule. Without regular checkups and cleanings, your smile would quickly fall victim to chronic issues like tooth decay, gum disease, chronic bad breath, and more. However, in addition to… Read more »

Caring For Your Smile: To Recycle Or Not?

You already have a pretty solid foothold on how to limit waste in your household, which means you are certainly participating in some amount of recycling! When it comes to many of the products you use on a daily basis, you’ve got the sorting, the trashing, the recycling, and the composting down to a science!… Read more »

Smile Care: Good Habits You Don’t Realize You’ve Formed 

It’s easy to spend your time focusing on everything you might be doing wrong for your smile. You wonder, are you brushing correctly? Is there something you’re not quite noticing that could be driving your teeth toward possible tooth decay? We understand! However, while it’s possible for some not-so-great things to be happening, it’s important… Read more »

3 Things To Do The Day After Halloween

Yes, you may already have some ideas about how you would like to spend the day after Halloween. It may include lots of walking and exercising, after consuming copious amounts of calories. Or, you may wish to stay snuggly and cozy, letting the day-after-sugar “coma” set in, as you watch movies and relax. The good… Read more »

A Broken Tooth: Why Is It So Bad?

You know that a cavity isn’t a great thing. You know that any type of damage isn’t something to celebrate. However, when there’s a lot of worry surrounding a broken tooth, you naturally find yourself wondering: Why is this such a “bad” thing? Why is it that much more dangerous to wait on breakage than… Read more »

Chewing Pain, Chewing Strain, And Fixing The Issue!

You know on an instinctual level that your chewing … it shouldn’t be a problem. It should just be something you do really without thinking too much about it. After all, you do a lot of it! This process lets you eat food, which is essential for your daily nutrition intake! It shouldn’t hurt, it… Read more »