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What Bruxism Could Mean Long-Term

The fact that you grind your teeth isn’t always something that you need to bring to your dentist’s attention. However, for people who experience bruxism, it can become so problematic that your dentist may notice it during your routine examination whether you say something about it or not. Bruxism is a condition that involves constantly… Read more »

Could You Benefit from Bruxism Treatment?

Not everyone who has bruxism realizes it immediately. The constant teeth-grinding that’s the hallmark of the condition isn’t always noticeable, especially for patients who grind their teeth most often at night. However, once you notice signs that you grind your teeth too often, or your dentist diagnoses you with bruxism, it’s important to seek treatment… Read more »

Do You Catch Yourself Grinding Your Teeth Often?

If you notice that your tooth hurts, or that your gums are bleeding when you brush and floss your teeth, then it may be obvious that something’s wrong with your oral health. However, the signs of other oral health concerns, such as bruxism, might not always be so obvious at first. Bruxism describes the constant… Read more »

Steps For Keeping Your Smile Healthy From Home

Our office is currently providing only emergency treatment for our Lake Orion, MI, patients. We’re doing this to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect the more vulnerable members of our community. Now that you’re spending more time at home, maintaining good oral hygiene is more important than ever. We’re going to talk about… Read more »

3 Notable Women In Dentistry Who Made An Impact

March is in full swing, which means that we’re already in the midst of National Women’s History Month! That being the case, we at Lake Orion Family Dentistry wanted to take this opportunity to tell you the stories of three women who left a notable impact on the field of dentistry. So, in today’s blog,… Read more »

Should You Use A Tongue Scraper?

Oral health innovations are constantly evolving, which is a great thing! But, sometimes when many new products hit the market and gain popularity, you may end up wondering which ones are actually helpful and necessary. One product you may have heard about recently through the media is the tongue scraper, a usually plastic tool used… Read more »