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Don’t Lose Your Benefits Before You Use Them!

Can you believe we’re already in the month of December? While we know few of you will be sad to see 2020 end, we also want to remind those with dental insurance that your benefits will expire at the end of December. Instead of letting them lapse without use, why not talk to your Lake… Read more »

When to Pay Closer Attention to Your Teeth-Grinding Habit

Sometimes, things that you know should be a problem don’t seem like one, and you aren’t sure if you should bring it up with your dentist. For instance, if your tooth is slightly sensitive, but the sensitivity goes away, then you might not consider it something worth paying attention to. Or, if you notice that… Read more »

What Happens When You Ignore Crooked Teeth?

If your teeth don’t appear that crooked, then it could be easy to ignore the fact that they are. However, if their misalignment is highly noticeable when you speak and smile, then your hesitation to straighten them may be borne out of something else, such as worry about how your orthodontic treatment might affect your… Read more »

The Consequences of Ignoring Bruxism Long Enough

You might notice that you grind your teeth more than usual, but if your teeth don’t hurt, then it may not seem like much of a problem. Unfortunately, if your teeth-grinding is a sign that you have bruxism, then it may not be long before discomfort develops, along with a host of other potentially serious… Read more »

What Bruxism Could Mean Long-Term

The fact that you grind your teeth isn’t always something that you need to bring to your dentist’s attention. However, for people who experience bruxism, it can become so problematic that your dentist may notice it during your routine examination whether you say something about it or not. Bruxism is a condition that involves constantly… Read more »

Could You Benefit from Bruxism Treatment?

Not everyone who has bruxism realizes it immediately. The constant teeth-grinding that’s the hallmark of the condition isn’t always noticeable, especially for patients who grind their teeth most often at night. However, once you notice signs that you grind your teeth too often, or your dentist diagnoses you with bruxism, it’s important to seek treatment… Read more »