The Smile Makeover

One of our main goals at Lake Orion Family Dentistry is to make you fall in love with your smile all over again.  Porcelain veneers have been popular in the entertainment industry for quite some time, and we are proud to offer this completely natural looking cosmetic procedure to our patients.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells made of the highest quality porcelain that are bonded directly to your teeth. These veneers are incredibly strong and can endure the extreme pressures and temperatures your mouth experiences daily.

As a cosmetic dentist, I design the perfect treatment plan to help you achieve your dental goals.  After your consultation, a trained ceramist handcrafts each veneer in our dental lab, according to my exact specifications.

In most cases, this smile makeover procedure does require some preparation.  In order to ensure the best fit possible from your veneers, I will need to remove some enamel from the existing teeth, but don’t let that scare you.  Your brand new, and permanent, smile will be worth it!

With the proper care, you veneers will last for decades.  Also, veneers never lose their bright white luster, so you can have a permanent, perfect white smile.

Veneers are great alternatives to braces for misaligned teeth.  Many of my patients choose veneers to conceal gaps, discoloration, chipping, and to hide bulky crowns and fillings.

I recommend veneers to any of my patients who have always dreamt of a bright, natural looking smile!  If you think porcelain veneers are the right dental move for you and want to set up a consultation appointment, or you want more information, please contact my office.