Here’s to one year and many more!

February 10, 2011

We are celebrating a milestone! This week marks the one-year anniversary of Dr. Brad Greenfield being the head of the Lake Orion Family Dentistry team. To celebrate, here is a little information straight from Dr. Greenfield!

What were you most nervous about when you took over the practice last year?

“There were several things I was nervous about when I bought the practice last year. It is difficult to come up with just one. Since I have to pick one, it has to be integrating myself into a practice that has long been established, as well as being accepted by the team and patients.

Right from the start, the team went above and beyond to make me feel right at home. The patients were very accepting of me, as well. I discovered that several of the patients in the practice are people I have actually known for several years. It has been a ton of fun.”

What was your proudest moment or accomplishment from the past year?

“The proudest accomplishment I had did not involve the practice itself. I was able to help save a couple of coats for kids programs in Lake Orion and Waterford. I have a real soft spot for kids, and it felt great to help those programs out. Since I was in the newspaper for this, other companies have stepped forward and made large donations.”

What is the best part about having your own practice?

“The best part of having my own practice is that I can put my own personal stamp on it. When you work for someone else, you have to blend your ideas into the mold of that owner doctor, which may not be what is best for you.”

What is your favorite thing about being a dentist?

“The best parts about being a dentist are the relationships that you make along the way. You get to meet so many people who do so many different things. It is also fun to see someone bring a young child or baby in and the next thing you know, they are in your chair.”

What do you want your patients and the Lake Orion community to know about you?

“I am a family guy who enjoys this community and all it has to offer, from the lakes, to the parks, to the quaint downtown. The people here have a great appreciation for hard work. I believe that they see that in the team here at Lake Orion Family Dentistry, and that is why we have had such a successful first year and hopefully many more.”

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