FAQ From Dr. Greenfield

As a dentist, part of Dr. Brad Greenfield’s job is to inform his patients so that they can make educated decisions about their dental care. Dr. Greenfield and his team at Lake Orion Family Dentistry strive to provide top-quality dental care for patients of all ages in the Lake Orion, Michigan area.

Here’s one of the questions we are asked most frequently. Check back from time to time for more answers about quality oral health and hygiene from Dr. Greenfield!

Will Dr. Greenfield provide dental care for my entire family? Even my kids?

Yes! Dr. Greenfield is a family dentist- a general dentist who cares for patients of all ages. Your children are welcome, as are your parents, neighbors, coworkers, and friends.

Children should visit our office for the first time before the age of two. Bring your child to your dental visit, and we’ll help your little one learn that the dentist’s office a fun place where friends help you stay healthy. By the age of three, children should see Dr. Greenfield twice a year for a checkup. Around the age of five, a child should attend regular, six-month cleanings with our hygienist. If you want, we can work with you so that your child and you are on the same schedule and can come to the office together for cleanings.

If you have questions about the care we provide for children, teens, adults, or seniors, just give us a call at (248) 693-6213.