Back to School with a Smile

August 12, 2011

Back to school, back to school to show my mom I’m not a fool!

Remember that back-to-school saying from yesteryear? Well, it seems like, these days, going back to school isn’t so simple.

New clothes for school, a never-ending shopping list of school supplies, new lunchboxes and backpacks, general checkups and physicals, and working out the carpool schedule are all things that have to be taken care of before your kids embark on this next chapter of their childhood, but what about their dental care? Is a dental checkup on your child’s back-to-school list?

If not, it should be. As soon as your child has his or her first adult tooth, regular six-month dental cleanings and checkups should begin. These checkups give us the opportunity to clean your child’s teeth, check their development, reinforce the dental habits you’ve taught them, and show them (once again) that going to the dentist can be fun!

Additionally, By having their teeth thoroughly cleaned every six months, your child is protected from developing serious oral conditions, such as cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. For us, the checkups provide us with an opportunity to give your child the most complete dental care available. Since early detection is key for so many dental and oral conditions, these checkups allow us to screen you child’s mouth for signs of problems and help prevent against problems down the road.

Dr. Brad Greenfield is a family dentist in Lake Orion, Michigan, and he encourages you to bring your entire family in for regular checkups and cleanings before the kiddos go back to school. Appointments are filling up fast, so call Lake Orion Family Dentistry at (248) 693-6213 to reserve an appointment for your kids in the next few weeks so they can go back to school with a sparkling smile and won’t have to miss class later in the school year to go to the dentist.

We look forward to seeing you and starting your semester off with a smile.

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