Satisfied Patient Comments

other satisfied patient! After a visit to Lake Orion Family Dentistry, Nadia Risca completed a patient satisfaction survey. Her testimonial helps our staff analyze our work so we can keep all our current and future patients happy.

“The hygienist was gentle, thorough, and professional.”

Nadia’s comment shows that your appointment can be comfortable and enjoyable. Our team will be “gentle” with your mouth to make your visit as relaxed as possible. We give all our patients a “thorough” and “professional” cleaning to ensure that all areas of their mouth are clean and healthy.

“I really appreciated Dr. Greenfield’s straightforwardness and honesty.”

If you have any questions or concerns about your mouth, don’t be afraid to ask. Dr. Greenfield and our team are happy to answer any of your worries. If there’s something you don’t understand, we will explain it until you’re confident about the condition of your mouth. We will also show “honesty” about your condition and not recommend anything that is not completely necessary.

“I was impressed by the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.”

We are devoted to staying up-to-date with current technology and advancements in the dental field to make sure you are receiving the best care possible. Our “state of the art equipment” includes lasers and X-rays to help protect your mouth early on and prevent any serious conditions from developing. Furthermore, our “facility” offers a warm, friendly atmosphere to make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door.

Nadia’s personal comments were accompanied by a standard satisfaction questionnaire. Here are her answers:

  • The office was easy to find: Strongly Agree
  • When I arrived, I was greeted in a friendly and timely manner: Agree
  • The reception area was comfortable: Strongly Agree
  • I didn’t have to wait long once I arrived at the office: Agree
  • Once seated, my appointment was completed in a timely fashion: Strongly Agree
  • All members of the office staff were friendly and courteous: Strongly Agree
  • The office was clean and up to date: Strongly Agree
  • When my appointment was over, I had a good understanding of my dental situation: Strongly Agree
  • Overall, I am quite satisfied with the care I received at the practice: Strongly Agree

We value our relationships with our patients. We encourage you to share your comments, feelings, and experiences about your dental appointment, just like Nadia did. To leave your feedback or schedule an appointment with Dr. Greenfield, call our dentist office in Lake Orion, Michigan, at (248) 693-6213. We welcome patients from Lake Orion, Oxford, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, and surrounding communities.