Cosmetic Dental Myths

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile, but you have to know how to take care of your new dental work. Myths and misunderstandings about cosmetic treatments can ruin your smile. Dr. Greenfield will explain how to keep your smile bright and healthy.

  1. “White teeth are healthy.” The Academy of General Dentistry reports that more people are concerned with getting a pretty smile rather than a healthy grin. Porcelain veneers and professional whitening may help keep the front of your teeth bright, but they won’t block or repair cavities or gum disease.
  2. “Cosmetics use chemicals that are unhealthy.” Dr. Greenfield believes in holistic dentistry, so he uses biocompatible materials and conservative processes that will help keep you healthy. Nevertheless, if you misuse your cosmetic treatment, it can turn dangerous. For example, over-whitening your teeth can lead to discoloration, sensitivity, and oral irritation. Under professional supervision and care, however, cosmetic procedures can be completely safe, effective, and beautiful.
  3. “Cosmetics are strong and cannot be damaged.” Cosmetics may help hide your imperfections, but they can still be damaged. Porcelain materials can chip or stain if you’re too rough on your teeth. However, with proper care, your cosmetic enhancements can last for years. Dr. Greenfield can also provide necessary touch-ups.
  4. “Everybody’s teeth can be treated the same way.” Some flaws are easier to hide than others. For example, shallow stains may be wiped away with a simple whitening treatment, while deep stains may require veneers to mask the discoloration. Dr. Greenfield will evaluate the condition of your mouth to create a cosmetic treatment plan that works best for you.
  5. “Cosmetics never look bad.” If your teeth are already perfectly aligned and white, cosmetic treatments can make your smile look too unnatural. Since Dr. Greenfield practices holistic methods, he won’t recommend a treatment that is not necessary.

If you need a smile enhancement in Lake Orion, Dr. Greenfield will explain all your dental misunderstandings so you know how to properly take care of your teeth and keep your smile beautiful. Contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry at (248) 693-6213 to request a cosmetic consultation or treatment. We welcome patients from Lake Orion, Oxford, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, and the surrounding communities.