Dental Hygiene Cures for Springtime Problems

You may be spending more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful springtime weather. However, outdoor activities often lead to accidents, injuries, and irritations. If you’re planning to spend this Earth Day weekend outside admiring the environment, Dr. Greenfield wants to make sure you’re staying healthy. Did you know some of your common dental products can reduce your discomforts?


If you fell on the ground during exercise or sports, dab a little mouthwash on your injury. Think about it—mouthwash helps kill the bacteria in your mouth that cause infection. Similarly, the antiseptic can be applied to cuts, scrapes, and wounds to clean the area and prevent contamination. Mouthwash can also help reduce the appearance of bruises to promote faster healing. Keep in mind that the alcohol content found in many mouthwashes may sting your skin a little. Furthermore, running a soft toothbrush along your skin can help remove dry flakes and exfoliate your skin.


If you’re “going green” by camping or gardening, you will be around a lot of bugs and plants. Mouthwash and toothpaste can both help soothe bee stings and reduce the itchiness from bug bites and poison ivy. These hygiene products also absorb oil to help dry out blisters and pimples. Athletes and joggers may also appreciate that mouthwash can dry out and heal athlete’s foot. Furthermore, the great outdoors may irritate your sinuses—which can contribute to tooth pain. If your teeth feel sensitive or painful, visit Dr. Greenfield to diagnose the problem.


You may be dirty or sweaty after playing outside. Mouthwash generally has a powerful smell and taste that kills the foul bacteria that cause bad breath. Likewise, the minty smell acts as a natural deodorant. You can swab your armpits with a dab of mouthwash to destroy the bacteria that causes perspiration odor. You can also wash your hands with soap, water, and mouthwash to help remove dirt and oil to keep your skin fresh. Furthermore, when you’re washing your dirty clothes, add a cup of mouthwash to your laundry to help destroy the bacteria lingering in your wash.


In addition to Earth awareness, April is also Facial Protection Month. Dr. Greenfield wants to acknowledge the dental items necessary in protecting your health. First and foremost, all your dental hygiene products help clean and protect your smile. Other useful oral products include athletic mouth guards to prevent facial injuries, and protective lip balms to avoid dry lips from the warm sun.

As a holistic dentist in Lake Orion, Dr. Greenfield encourages you to celebrate and conserve the environment. However, he also promotes proper dental hygiene to keep your smile and body healthy. To schedule a dentist appointment in Lake Orion, contact Lake Orion Family Dentistry at (248) 693-6213. We welcome patients from Lake Orion, Oxford, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, and surrounding communities.