Lake Orion Dentist: Top Toothache Causes

November 6, 2012

A toothache can seriously put a damper on day-to-day activities. Many people report a complete inability to obtain any sleep when suffering from tooth pain. Toothaches don’t always stem from the same problems. Many toothaches develop because of swollen sinuses, rapid changes in altitude, or even tension headaches. Your Lake Orion family dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield, developed a list of the top ten causes of toothaches.

Cavities or dental caries can certainly cause tooth pain. Most patients report sensitivity to foods and beverages of extreme temperatures. Don’t let cavities prevent you from quenching your thirst with an ice-cold beverage. Treating cavities generally involves placing a filling in the affected tooth.

This time of year, sinusitis causes a significant amount of toothaches. When the sinus cavity fills with fluid, bacterial infections can cause swelling. Once the sinus cavity swells, people often experience throbbing pain in upper teeth. Fevers, sore throat, and runny nose typically accompany a toothache caused by sinusitis.

Dental fractures can certainly cause toothaches and sensitivity. As basketball season ramps up, more and more young athletes increase their chances for a sports-related injury. Most youth basketball associations throughout the United States still do not mandate wearing a mouthguard. When a tooth fractures, the patient can experience increased tooth tenderness and sensitivity.  Contact your Lake Orion dentist as soon as possible following a dental fracture.

Gum disease doesn’t often make it on the list of memorable causes of toothaches, but gum disease affects nearly 80% of the adult American population. Signs of gum disease include halitosis, repeated infections, and bleeding gums. Gums provide added support to teeth and gum health plays an important role in retaining teeth. Gum disease acts as the primary cause of tooth loss in adult.

Many patients suffer from toothaches caused by bruxism. Clenching and grinding teeth occurs frequently in patients when they sleep. Many patients remain unaware of their condition until alerted by their spouse. Treating bruxism involves the patient wearing a prescribed nightguard. Custom-fit nightguards can reduce the effects of harsh teeth grinding and could even retrain jaw muscles.

High fillings can cause patients to experience toothaches. If patient recently received a filling and experiences tooth pain or sensitivity for more than a day or two, then added tooth pressure could aggravate the periodontal ligament. If your bite feels slightly altered following a filling, then the possibility exists of a high filling. Simply call our office and we can level the filling in a single visit.

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