Lake Orion Dentist Explains Why Teeth Grinding Occurs in Children









Did you know that nearly 3 out of every 10 children will at some point grind their teeth? In fact, according to the American Dental Association nearly 10% of all children experience bruxism. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common and serious disorder found in children. In today’s blog, your Lake Orion dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield, explains the causes of childhood teeth grinding and discusses treatment.

Causes of Childhood Teeth Grinding

A variety of factors can lead to bruxism in children. An increase in stress often causes children to grind their teeth. Other times, a misaligned bite or discomfort from teething is the culprit. Like adults, many children only grind their teeth during sleep. Common symptoms of bruxism include frequent headaches, earaches, and neck pain. Children may also report sensitive teeth, toothaches, a sore jaw, and worn down or broken teeth.

Treating Your Child’s Bruxism

Fortunately, for the majority of children, bruxism simply stops. If parents notice their child continues to grind their teeth, contact Dr. Greenfield. Over time, bruxism can severely damage their smile and endanger their dental health. Chips or cracks in teeth allow bacteria to reach the sensitive dentin and inner pulp. If left untreated, a child sees an increased risk of tooth decay and infection. If stress is the cause, talk to your child about what may be elevating their anxiety. Often, trouble at school or home leads to stress-related bruxism. For treatment, Dr. Greenfield may prescribe an oral splint. Similar to a mouth guard, a splint prevents your child’s upper and lower teeth from touching. This prevents teeth grinding and protects your little one’s smile.

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