Lake Orion Dentist Presents: The History of Cosmetic Dentistry

October 7, 2013

Cosmetic dentistry continues to grow in popularity as more people wish to achieve the perfect smile. Yet, this elective type of dentistry isn’t a new practice. In fact, cosmetic dentistry dates back centuries.

Dr. Brad Greenfield, your Lake Orion cosmetic dentist shares a brief history of cosmetic dentistry from its beginnings to present-day treatments.

Where Did Cosmetic Dentistry Begin?

According to your Lake Orion cosmetic dentist, around 700 BC, the Etruscans created the first set of dentures from ivory and bone. While this classifies as both cosmetic and restorative dentistry, those dentures provided functionality and beauty for citizens who had endured tooth loss.

Later in 200 BC, the Etruscans made more dental restorations, such as, dental crowns and bridges. These pieces were manufactured from gold to showcase wealth and prosperity. The Egyptians followed suit much later by using seashells as tooth replacements. Furthermore, the Egyptians were also the first to use toothpaste, which was made from pumice stones and vinegar.

Moving onward to around 1130 AD, where dentists served as barbers, too. To whiten teeth, dentists filed teeth and cured them with acid. However, it was soon found that the acid destroyed the enamel, rather than whitening it.

As more modern-day practices came into play, dentists found better methods for replacing teeth permanently, like using porcelain for dentures. This discovery wasn’t made until the late 1700s, though. Then, at the start of the 1800s, porcelain-replicated teeth became more popular and easier to manufacture. Thus, more patients with missing teeth had the opportunity to regain their smiles with a natural-looking tooth replacement.

Cosmetic Dentistry Today

The start of present-day cosmetic dentistry truly took-off around the 1990s. Once people were able to receive dental implants, bridges, and crowns that matched their surrounding teeth, cosmetic dental procedures boomed. Oftentimes, patients wish to complete a multitude of procedures to make their smiles perfect.

Today, dental practices offer teeth whitening, dental bonding, and crown lengthening procedures to create more uniform smiles.

Lake Orion Family Dentistry Offers Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’ve wanted to undergo a few cosmetic dental procedures to improve the appearance of your smile, take care to talk to Dr. Greenfield. With an examination, he can determine which procedures would benefit your smile the most. To schedule an appointment with your for services, smile gallery, and patient forms. We happily serve patients in Clarkston, Auburn Hills, Oxford, Rochester Hills, and neighboring communities

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