Lifelike Restorations in Just One Visit


Have you injured a tooth or experienced a persistent toothache? If so, you may require a dental restoration to return your smile to optimal function and beauty. In many cases, your dentist will recommend a dental crown. At one point, receiving a crown required at least two visits and interim period wearing a temporary restoration. However, recent breakthroughs in dental technology allow dental professionals to create and place one visit crowns.

One Visit Crowns Quiz

1. True or False: Dental Crowns look natural.

2. True or False: One visit crowns restore both the function and esthetics of your smile.

3. True or False: CEREC allows your Lake Orion MI dentist to place one visit crowns.

4. True or False: One visit crowns are long lasting.

Answer Key

1. True. Our dental crowns are designed based on digital impressions taken of your teeth. We then use metal-free ceramic to create the restorations. As a result, the crowns look and function like a natural tooth and blend seamlessly with your smile.

2. True. Crowns can be used to repair a decayed or damaged tooth. In addition, crowns help restore teeth following a root canal procedure. Crowns can aid in the replacement of lost teeth by anchoring dental bridges and topping dental implants. Finally, your Lake Orion MI dentist may use crowns address cosmetic issues by masking the appearance of permanent teeth stains or repairing malformed teeth.

3. True. With CEREC, digital images will be taken of the tooth and used to create an accurate 3D model. The model will be uploaded in to a computer. The CEREC machine will then mill the tooth using the information provided, creating lifelike restoration in a short amount of time. Dr. Greenfield will then check the fit and place the crown in the same visit.

4. True. On average, a dental crown can last for several decades.

About Your Lake Orion MI Dentist

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