Don’t Give Teeth Too Much Space

The clinical term for a large gap between two of your teeth is a diastema. This is most noticeable (and for some, most disconcerting) when it happens between the top two front teeth. Famous model/actress Lauren Hutton was one of the first public figures to flaunt her gap proudly back in the 1970s. You may have noticed other celebrities with diastemas as well. If you feel proud about your gaps, then living with them will generally not cause too much trouble, unless they are spaced so widely that the spaces cause misalignment. If your gaps do bother you, treatment options are if you are certainly available from Lake Orion family dentist, Dr. Brad Greenfield.

Why Do I Have a Diastema?

Many kids present with diastemas in their primary teeth, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. As their larger permanent teeth come in, those spaces keep their teeth from being overcrowded. However, in some cases, the space is too big (or their teeth are too small, depending on how you look at it). There may also possibly be an oversized labial frenulum (the skin flap between your upper lip and two front teeth) that keeps the teeth from closing together completely. Or there could be a misalignment or protrusion of teeth.

Treating Diastemas

Schedule a consultation with your Dr. Greenfield to uncover the cause of your diastema. Once the reason for the gap is determined, an informed treatment plan can be designed to meet your desires and needs. Treatment options will generally include the possibility of porcelain veneers (ultra thin pieces of porcelain that adhere to the outside of the teeth) dental crowns, partial bridges, dental implants, and orthodontics. Multiple orthodontic possibilities are now available which can straighten teeth without the embarrassment of obvious bracket-and-wire braces.

Visit your Lake Orion Dentist

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