Quiz: What is Children’s Dentistry?

How often do you bring your little ones to see the dentist? Like adults, kids require regular dental care to maintain healthy smiles and good overall health. With children’s dentistry, your kids can receive the care they need to avoid the onset of common dental issues, such as cavities or gingivitis.

Children’s Dentistry Quiz

  1. True or False: Kids need routine checkups.
  2. True or False: Many children require dental cleanings.
  3. True or False: Dental sealants can safeguard little smiles against tooth decay.
  4. True or False: Fluoride treatments help strengthen tooth enamel.

Answer Key

  1. True. The American Dental Association recommends a routine checkup once every six months for children over the age of three. During an exam, we can watch for the early warning signs of tooth decay and other issues, providing treatment before a problem progresses. Checkups also help reduce dental anxiety in children, as they quickly become accustomed to dental visits.
  2. True. In many cases, we will suggest a dental cleaning in addition to a checkup. A cleaning removes plaque buildup from the teeth, which reduces the risk of developing cavities or gingivitis. A dental cleaning also helps the breath stay fresh and the teeth remain bright and smooth.
  3. True. Dental sealants are a special plastic coating we place over the teeth in the rear of the mouth. These molars are difficult for kids to reach, so sealants prevent food from becoming stuck between them and causing decay. The sealants don’t need to be removed; they will wear away with time.
  4. True. Fluoride treatments strengthen the outer enamel, which protects your child’s teeth from tooth decay. We recommend this treatment for kids who have an elevated risk of developing a cavity. If you have any questions, please contact out office today.

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