Compelling Reasons to Schedule Your Root Canal Treatment

Ready for your root canal treatment to fix your ailing tooth? Maybe not. We are never surprised to find that a patient feels hesitant to schedule his or her root canal. Fortunately, we understand why you may be feeling standoffish if not a bit frightened. The excellent news is that we can connect with your emotions and are ready to provide you with some compelling reasons to choose treatment. So, before you decide against it, do yourself a favor: Look over the following information and you may find that visiting us to protect your tooth actually sounds like a pretty good idea.

Root Canal Saves Your Tooth

Your tooth is in serious danger. By choosing root canal treatment, your tooth can stay right where it is. By saying, “no” to treatment, your tooth will need to be removed with an extraction. However, before that takes place, an existing infection may abscess, which will cause severe discomfort. Or, infection may actually spread throughout your mouth, causing damage to otherwise healthy tissues. If we remove the tooth, you will have a space in your smile that will require costly tooth replacement. Visit us for root canal treatment, so we can save your tooth, while saving you time and money down the road.

It’s Not A Very Big Deal

True, dealing with an infected or damaged tooth is a big deal because it causes you discomfort and interrupts your life. However, the root canal treatment itself is not a huge deal. Yes, it will effectively repair your tooth. The process itself – it’s nothing to worry about. First, we will numb your tooth and the surrounding area. Any concerns you had about discomfort should fly out the window. We will also pay close attention to not only healing your tooth but also to repairing it once treatment is complete. You can expect a sealed, filled tooth with restored stability. We will usually cover the tooth with a beautiful dental crown to protect it, while rejuvenating its appearance and full function.


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