Wondering What Your Teeth Really Need?

Wondering What Your Teeth Really NeedDo you brush your teeth every single night before bed, and once before leaving for work every morning? If so, you obviously know that dental hygiene is important, and that is great. But do you know that maintaining a healthy smile requires more than daily tooth brushing? If it’s been years since you visited the dentist, it’s time to understand just why professional cleanings are so important, and how one could drastically improve your oral health.

Brushing Helps, But It’s Not Enough

Daily teeth brushing helps to keep your teeth clean, but it still leaves behind bacteria and food particles that feed on the sugars and starches you eat. Over time, this can lead to tartar buildup, which can begin to erode your teeth, causing cavities, infections, and more.

Another big problem with tartar buildup, is that it can cause gum disease to develop, which is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in America. Tartar can only be removed through a professional cleaning; no amount of brushing can get rid of it.

If you’ve noticed redness or inflammation in your gums, or if they bleed while you’re brushing, these are warning signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. A professional cleaning can usually help to restore your oral health, but if the gingivitis has progressed, you may also need laser gum treatment in order to completely restore your gums’ health.

What You Can Do At Home

Don’t forget to floss your teeth daily. This can drastically reduce your risk of gum disease. Plaque-fighting mouthwashes can also be useful in keeping your gums and teeth looking their best, not to mention your breath smelling fresh. Just keep in mind that chronic bad breath is another symptom of poor oral health. Instead of trying to mask it, you should schedule a visit with your dentist.


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