Need a Filling? Learn About Your Metal-Free Options

Need a Filling? Learn About Your Metal-Free OptionsAh, “cavity,” that dreaded word. No one enjoys getting the news that his tooth is in a state of decay. Many people immediately think of shiny gold smiles, and worry about the esthetic impact of having a dental filling to restore the damage that has been done. But, modern dentistry offers an alternative to metallic restorations, in the form of tooth-colored fillings. Not only do these fillings bond better with your teeth, they make for a beautiful way to restore a smile that’s been affected by a cavity.

What Makes Tooth-Colored Fillings Different Than Metal

Tooth-colored fillings are created using the same composite resin material many dentists favor for cosmetic treatment. That’s because it’s highly adaptable, affordable, sturdy, and it can be made to match your teeth’s natural shading. This means it’s possible to have restorative treatment completed, without sacrificing the beauty of your smile. In fact, once a tooth-colored filling has been applied, hardened and polished, most people won’t even be able to tell you have had any dental work done.

Once your tooth has been disinfected and thoroughly cleaned, the dentist can use the resin to fill any holes created by the cavity or general decay. This not only helps protect the tooth from infection, which can prevent the need for more extensive treatment like oral surgery, but it can also improve the function of the weakened tooth.

Unlike metal, the composite material doesn’t conduct heat, making it more comfortable for many patients. It’s also less likely to move or shift over time.

If you are worried that you have a cavity, or are unhappy with a current metal filling, it’s time to ask your restorative dentist about what a tooth-colored filling could do for you.


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