Do You Need A Cleaning?

greenfieldcleaningWhen was the last time you had your teeth professionally cleaned? Many people assume that since they brush and floss as recommended a dental cleanings isn’t really necessary. However, this preventive procedure can help preserve the health of your smile. Do you need a cleaning?

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Cleanings

Question: How often should my teeth be cleaned?

Answer: The American Dental Association recommends our teeth undergo an exam and a cleaning at least twice a year. We agree. Regular dental cleanings can help improve the health and beauty of your smile.

Question: What happens during the procedure?

Answer: During the procedure the doctor or a hygienist will remove the plaque from your teeth. Doing so will require either a manual tool or possibly an ultrasonic scaler. By removing the plaque the doctor reduces the risk of cavities, gum disease, and discoloration in your smile.

Question: Do kids need one too?

Answer: In many cases, yes, older children may benefit from having their teeth cleaned. We will examine your kittle one’s smile during the checkup. If we find the presence of decay we will perform the procedure.

Question: What is periodontal therapy?

Answer: Plaque buildup can inflame the gums, leading to the onset of gum disease if the teeth aren’t cleaned. We can perform a deep cleaning, also known as periodontal therapy, to address the buildup and reverse or manage the disease. The deep cleaning consist of a scaling and root planing. Simply put, the dentist will remove the plaque from the surface of the teeth and the exposed portions of the root. If you have any questions about our approach to preventive dentistry then talk to our office today.


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