Your Oral Health: 3 Common Misconceptions

steps123When it comes to protecting your oral health, there are many details to consider. This, of course, is why we suggest you maintain consistent, twice-annual visits with us – we can guide you toward making decisions that keep your smile its healthiest. As for the knowledge you collect over time, you may find that you feel curious about certain information and whether it’s fact or a misconception. Allow us to begin offering some clarification regarding common areas of confusion. We’ll cover the rest during your next visit.

Misconception #1: It’s Too Late For Prevention

Just because you miss one dental cleaning session does not mean it’s too late to receive preventive dentistry care. Guess what? If you have missed 15 or 20, it’s still not too late. While you may require restorative care to fix problems that have resulted from missed visits, prevention is for everyone. It simply focuses on removing plaque and tartar from your teeth, so your smile remains free of bad bacteria that promote gum disease and tooth decay.

Misconception #2: Restorative Care Isn’t Urgent

You might feel like you have all the time in the world to schedule your dental filling, so you relocate it to the very end of your priority list. Unfortunately, time is a very important factor in protecting your oral health. The cavity will grow, will deepen, and will worsen because decay continues to progress. What begins as a small cavity treatable with a filling can quickly become an infection requiring a root canal and a crown. Act with urgency.

Misconception #3: You Don’t Need To Replace Lost Teeth

Actually, you do need to replace teeth after tooth loss if you want your oral health to remain in good condition. Neglecting to replace teeth may lead to complications like jawbone loss and misalignment. Talk to us about how we can complete your smile!


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