Have Kids? Keep These Items On Hand.

kidsicecreamTaking care of your own smile is something of a journey all on its own. Taking care of someone else’s smile – someone who relies on you for every detail – well that is serious business. As you’ve noticed, the desire to make sure your child’s smile remains healthy while doing your best to help your little one become independent with dental hygiene can be a bit of a struggle. Good news: You’re probably doing a great job! As you navigate the twice daily brushing and once daily flossing, we have some additional tips for items to keep on hand, so kids’ smiles stay clean and healthy.

Travel Size Brush and Floss

Dental hygiene is something that never goes away. You’ve noticed that keeping your child on track with brushing and flossing means brushing with them, lots of reminders, efforts in making it fun, figuring out how to pack for trips, and slumber parties. A good idea? Keep travel size brushes and floss on hand. It will help you out when you’re in a pinch because your child’s friend is sleeping over and forgot a brush, it will help when your little one is on his or her way to a sleepover, it’s great for travel, and you can even carry them with you during the day.

Sugarless Gum

Does your little one have a sweet tooth? Keep sugarless gum with you. It’s sweet, your child doesn’t know it isn’t full of sugar, and it can perform some of the chores typically taken care of by dental hygiene (it pulls food particles away from teeth, removes some plaque, and increases saliva flow – all beneficial for avoiding decay).


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