We Can Replace Tissue In Several Ways

smilebrunettesweaterWe commonly find that losing dental tissue is something that causes patients a lot of anxiety. The good news is that though there are multiple ways you may lose tooth tissue, there are also multiple options for replacing tissue that has been lost. In most instances, specific treatment solutions match up to particular types of loss. Let’s examine several ways we can help with dental care.

When It’s Mild

If you are missing a very small amount of tooth tissue, it may be time for cosmetic care. For example, if you have a tooth chip (one that does not negatively affect the health of that tooth or surrounding tissue) then we can generally help with dental bonding or veneers.

When It’s Significant

More serious needs for dental care arise when tissue loss is more significant than a chip and the problem does affect oral health. For instance, you might lose a lot of tissue as the result of tooth decay. Or, you may break a tooth as the result of an accidental trauma. For such issues, we offer restorative care: Fillings repair most cavities, while crowns repair severe decay and breakage.

When It’s Complete Tissue Loss

This occurs when you lose an entire tooth (or multiple teeth). How might you lose a tooth? It’s possible for a tooth to become dislodged from an accidental injury (perhaps while playing a sport). Disease like decay, infection, periodontal disease can also cause tooth loss. The appropriate dental care option is replacement, which we achieve with a dental bridge or partial denture.


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