3 Compelling Smile Reasons To Quit Smoking

cigarettenosmokingYou know some of the reasons to quit smoking, of course. It’s not good for your lungs, it can cause lung cancer, and more. When it comes to overall and respiratory health, you might already be well-informed regarding some reasons you should do your best to avoid the use of cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. However, you might not realize that there are reasons we, dental professionals, also suggest you quit smoking to protect your oral health. Consider some of them!

Reason #1: It Causes Yellow Teeth

On a cosmetic level, choosing to smoke cigarettes and to use other tobacco products will lead to stained teeth. Avoiding the yellowing or darkening is nearly impossible, so you can expect to require cosmetic care in the future (if not care for your oral health, as well). Fortunately, we can help address existing staining with treatments like veneers or whitening!

Reason #2: It Promotes Periodontal Disease

Patients often overlook the fact that smoking cigarettes and using tobacco greatly increases one’s likelihood of experiencing periodontal disease. This occurs when your gums become inflamed and then infected. Decrease your risk of this issue (which can ultimately lead to tooth loss) by choosing to quit smoking.

Reason #3: It’s An Oral Cancer Risk Factor

Beyond tooth loss and oral health decline is the potential for losing one’s life as the result of the disease known as oral cancer. Fortunately, it’s something we can screen for and suggest treatment for immediately if you keep up with dental checkups. Since smoking is a serious risk factor that promotes oral cancer, we suggest you quit.


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