Common Questions About: Teeth!

questionmarkgearsSometimes, you just have questions about your teeth. You might not really need to know anything in particular about caring for them, special treatments, the right products, or whether you’re making good progress with your home care and oral health. You just find yourself feeling curious about details like how many teeth you should have in your mouth, what to make of third molars, and more. We would love to run you through the anatomical basics, so you know what’s what.

How Many Teeth Do Kids Have?

When all is said and done and the final baby tooth arrives, your child’s smile will display 20 teeth! Remember that this is a steady progression that will continue over the course of a couple years or so.

When Do Baby Teeth Start Erupting?

If you’re feeling frantic, don’t! Teeth come in when they are ready, which usually will begin around the 6-month mark. If you notice that teeth are developing early (or erupting late), you may go ahead and give us a call. We will be happy to help answer oral health questions and will usually remind patients that oral development differs from baby to baby.

How Many Teeth Do Adults Have?

Your adult smile should contain 32 teeth once every last tooth has erupted. Keep in mind that oral health issues can lead to tooth loss, dental extractions can become necessary in certain instances, and the final four of your teeth are comprised of your wisdom teeth. As a result, you may meet other adults with a different number of permanent teeth than you!

When Do Permanent Teeth Start Showing Up?

Your permanent teeth will start making themselves present around your sixth year on the planet. As we suggest for parents with babies, if your child’s permanent teeth come in more quickly or slowly than their friends, do not panic. Simply bring your child in for a visit, so we can keep an eye on that developing smile and keep you informed.


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