Tooth Loss: Are There Consequences?

womanwonderingheadbandYou might find yourself feeling curious about tooth loss. Is it stigmatized because it doesn’t look very good, you wonder? Do you make assumptions that it’s bad for your oral health but wonder if perhaps it’s actually not damaging at all? Your instincts are likely serving you well if you think ignoring missing teeth is problematic. The truth is, it’s very important to maintain a complete smile, which is why we offer tooth replacement solutions like bridges, partials, and dentures. Looking for specific answers? We’ve got them!

Yes, It May Look Unsightly

When you’re missing a tooth (or more than one tooth) and the open space is visible, it can negatively affect your appearance. Whether onlookers are making assumptions about you or you are feeling insecure about your smile, this can have a serious impact on your confidence. Replacing teeth after tooth loss is essential to feeling like your best authentic self.

Missing Teeth Lead To Shifting Teeth

When you have an open space in your smile or multiple spaces, something happens that you might not have expected: Your teeth that are still standing begin to fill in those spaces by shifting. Unfortunately, this does you no good because you do not have enough teeth for a complete smile. Instead, tooth loss leaves you with a seriously misaligned grin. You may prevent this issue by replacing missing teeth, so shifting cannot occur.

Things May Become Complicated

When you have an opening in your smile, it can become a trap for food while you eat. When teeth shift, you may discover that caring for your smile becomes more challenging. You may even find that chewing and speaking change (but not for the better). Address tooth loss to avoid negatively impacting your quality of life.


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