GERD: Spelling Out Your Smile Protection

Do you think you may need to visit your doctor to find out if you have GERD? Perhaps you have a sour taste in your mouth, your breath isn’t so hot, and you suffer from heartburn frequently. If so, you should run (not walk) to your doctor and then check in with us. It’s extremely important for your oral health. For now, learn a bit more.


G is for “get treatment fast!” Didn’t think it was a very big deal when you explained your symptoms to a friend who told you it sounds like you’re dealing with acid reflux? Unfortunately, it is a big deal because it can damage your esophagus, it can damage your oral health, and it can worsen.


E is for erosion! The main problem for your oral health when it comes to GERD is acid erosion. This means that the repeated exposure of your smile to acids will lead to the wearing down of your enamel.


R is for restorative treatments. Did you end up with some amount of acid erosion as a result of your GERD? When acids have the chance to damage your teeth before you treat the problem, you are not without solutions. We can restore your smile if necessary, so your oral health is excellent again.


D is for dental care. Even if your GERD is managed, you still need to come in twice a year for dental cleanings and checkups. We can detect a resurgence of acid reflux or any other problem for immediate treatment, while keeping your smile as spotless and healthy as possible.

Protect Your Teeth From Damage With Helpful Advice

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