Fluoride Varnish: FAQs

Have you ever heard of the benefits of fluoride varnish? Not quite sure what this treatment is but you know fluoride is essential for healthy teeth and you’re certainly a bit curious? In short, it’s a simple and effective way to provide your teeth with a boost of this naturally occurring mineral, which can both protect your smile from weakening as well as from other problems like decay. Find out more with our FAQs (and answers).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: So, how is fluoride varnish applied to teeth?

Answer: This preventive treatment is applied with ease! There are no trays necessary. We will simply paint the specially formulated fluoride directly onto dental tissue. The varnish begins to dry and then hardens very quickly, so you don’t need to worry about it dripping off or about swallowing it.

Question: Will the varnish stay there forever?

Answer: No, this is a short term solution that offers long-term benefits. Once the fluoride varnish has been on your smile or your child’s smile for a specific amount of time (usually up to 12 hours), you will then brush it away.

Question: Is fluoride varnish just for kids? How does it help?

Answer: We may suggest it for children because it can provide strengthening effects, helping protect teeth from becoming brittle or experiencing the demineralization that leads to cavities. This may also be an option for adults. We may suggest this for adult smiles for issues like erosion and sensitivity. Speak with us if the aforementioned concerns are affecting your smile or your children’s smiles.

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