Skip DIY, Choose Zoom! Whitening Instead

Like just nearly anyone who sees something that seems easy (and that offers amazing benefits), you might discover that you’re quickly drawn to the idea of DIY whitening. Unfortunately, if you give in, you will most certainly be sorry that you did. Instead, we encourage all patients feeling interested in the DIY world of treatments to feast their eyes on the exceptional benefits of Zoom! Whitening. Wondering why? We can answer that in a jiffy!

It’s Super Fast (Hence The Name)

One of the reasons you may feel so attracted to the idea of a DIY treatment might be the convenience of it. You want to whiten your smile and you want to do it (or maybe need to do it) quickly. If it’s because of an engagement that’s coming up, we certainly understand your haste. Remember, Zoom! Whitening takes about an hour. So, we can treat you very quickly, too, allowing you to feel amazing about your appearance.

It’s Safe (Unlike Non-Professional Options)

Sure, you might think to yourself that you still feel like it’s easier to stay home and whiten on your own. What you don’t recognize, however, is that you might end up coming in to see us anyway. Why? Well, that DIY treatment is most likely going to hurt your teeth and/or gums. Avoid such issues by simply seeing us for safe Zoom! Whitening.

It’s Reliable (Did We Mention DIY Options Are Not?)

What’s worse than going to a wedding with a discolored smile? Well, trying a DIY treatment, ending up with terrible results, realizing you don’t have any more time left for Zoom! Whitening, and then hiding your smile because it looks quite awful. Avoid this consequence by choosing professional care instead, so you can rely on amazing results.

See Us For Zoom! Whitening For Speedy, Beautiful Results

Come in for Zoom! Whitening when you want a conveniently quick, effective, safe, and dramatic brightening for your smile. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.