3 Details: How To Keep All Of Your Teeth

Of course, we offer dental bridges, partials, and dentures for patients who have experienced tooth loss. Sometimes, accidents happen and you end up with a missing tooth (or you lose multiple teeth) and you have the opportunity to replace them. However, of course, your preference is to keep all of your teeth for your entire life, so you never have to deal with any of the services or costs associated with missing teeth. So, how to accomplish this, you wonder? Well. We would like to offer a few morsels of advice that can help tremendously.

#1: Take Care Of Your Smile

Don’t want to lose your teeth due to decay, infection, or other problems? Don’t want periodontal disease to lead to loose teeth and then tooth loss? Good news: All you have to do is take care of your smile. Practice dental hygiene like a champ. Care for your smile with professional dental services by coming in for care twice annually. Done!

#2: Stop Assuming Teeth Fall Out In Senior Years

If you stop assuming your teeth are going to fall out as a result of age (they won’t; this type of tooth loss results only from poor oral health), you’re more likely to keep them. However, if you assume they’re going to fall out anyway, you’re not as likely to do what it takes to keep them exceptionally clean and healthy.

#3: Give Up The Procrastinator’s Life

Procrastinating doesn’t always lead to serious problems but it may, in fact, lead to tooth loss. Here’s why: When you procrastinate with your preventive care, you can develop problems like decay. When you procrastinate with your restorative care, decay and other problems can destroy your teeth and quickly lead to tooth loss. Keep up with all of your dental care, so your smile remains intact.

Learn How To Avoid Tooth Loss With Our Care

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