Help!: How White Should Teeth Be?

Yes, we know: You want very, very white teeth! However, you don’t want them to look too white. You don’t want them to not look white enough either, though. So, exactly how white should teeth be, you may find yourself wondering? When you come see us for Zoom! Whitening or other cosmetic treatments, the answer to this inquiry becomes a relevant aspect of your care. Let’s guide you through the response, so you’ll feel comfortable and confident about reaching your goal.

They Shouldn’t Glow In The Dark

Yes, we know that you want some seriously white teeth. However, it’s important to remember that natural teeth aren’t crazy white in most cases! Take a look at a child’s new teeth. Yes, they are vibrant and free of discoloration. However, they’re likely not the super-white that you’ve been convincing yourself is “normal” or “the best” and that you assume you should be able to achieve with Zoom! Whitening. (Note: The results of our whitening treatments are quite vibrant and dramatic!).

They Should Look Healthy

Teeth whiteness varies from person to person. If you see a smile and you think, “Well, that’s nice! Those teeth look free from stains and appear healthy,” then this is a realistic and solid foundation from which to base your goals. We like to remind patients when it comes to Zoom! Whitening and other care that when you are open minded and realistic, it’s much easier to fully enjoy and reach your smile goals. Want a detailed explanation about your future smile whiteness? Come talk with us.

Learn More About Creating Your Whiter Smile

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