Are Single Implants And Implant Crowns The Right Choice?

If you’ve become familiar with choosing implants to replace your missing teeth, then you know one option is to select dental implants and implant crowns for your smile. This means having one implant post placed per open space (where one tooth previously resided), which we will then restore with a dental crown. Do you know if this is the best choice for your smile? Are you aware that you have other options, too? Let’s help you narrow down your decision with a bit of advice.

Reasons To Choose Single Implants

There are multiple reasons to choose single dental implants and implant crowns. If you would prefer to replace each missing tooth individually, then this is the path for you to choose. When you restore your missing roots in every socket, you promote stimulation throughout your entire jawbone (this is something your roots do to keep your jaw tissue healthy and provided with essential nutrients). You will also feel you’ve gotten as close as you can to restoring your smile to its original state. Particularly if you are missing just one tooth or individual teeth separated by remaining natural teeth, single implants are often your best choice.

Reasons To Choose Larger Prosthetics

You might decide that while single dental implants and implant crowns would be wonderful, your needs are more easily met with an implant-supported bridge (to replace a few teeth in a row). Or, you may need to replace multiple missing teeth with an implant-retained denture or even a full arch with implant-retained full dentures. Addressing multiple missing teeth this way is often more budget-friendly as well, when compared with single implants.

Talk With Our Team About Your Implant Options

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