Tension And Headaches: How We Can Help

Do you consider yourself the type of person who internalizes your stress in any way? Do you tend to get tension headaches? Have you ever found yourself tensing up your jaw muscles and clenching your teeth, only to be left with a lot of soreness? If so, this is certainly something to mention when you come in to see us for your dental checkups. Remember, we offer TMJ therapy and bruxism treatment with the use of oral appliances to help protect your smile, so stress doesn’t leave serious damage.

Things To Consider

You may be suffering from TMJ disorder. Or you may be suffering from bruxism disorder. Or, you may have both! Or, you haven’t actually developed a significant issue yet but you’re well on your way. How to figure all of this out? Talk to us. Tell us in detail about what you’re experiencing. For now, consider the following to help you understand what may be going on and why an oral appliance may help:

  • Bruxism: If you are someone who grinds your teeth or clenches your teeth, then it may be bruxism that’s contributing to your headaches. Remember, this is something that’s chronic, which means it’s going on when you’re not intentionally doing it.
  • TMJ Disorder: Your TMJs, by the way, are your jaw joints. When they’re under far too much pressure, when they’re strained or stressed, when they’ve become damaged, etc., they aren’t working as well as they could and headaches may result. They need protection, so they may heal!

An Oral What?

An oral appliance is a mouthguard (or a nightguard). It’s a slim guard that you will wear in your mouth when you sleep. It may protect you from grinding, clenching, or may give your TMJs a rest. In any case, it helps relieve tension, prevent pressure and movement, and helps you avoid headaches and other symptoms related to bruxism or TMJ disorder.

See Us For Oral Appliance Therapy

Bring yourself or your family member in for help with issues that lead to headaches, so we may offer gentle, noninvasive therapy with oral appliances. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.