Dental Care: Won’t My Tooth Feel And Look Funny?

There are common areas of concern that crop up from patients when it comes to dental care. One area that shows up a lot is whether something is going to hurt or feel A-OK. Another very common area of worry: What’s your smile going to look like afterwards? After a filling, after cosmetic care, etc.? You want to know that all will be well, your smile will look lovely and natural, and you can simply go back into the world feeling good about your teeth! To offer you a bit of a boost of optimism regarding dental care, our Lake Orion, MI team would like to discuss this topic!

When You Receive A Crown Or Filling

When you receive a dental crown or filling, you wonder: Is it going to be obvious that I just visited the dentist for help restoring my tooth with professional dental care? Nope. The answer is always no! Our crowns are crafted from porcelain. Our fillings are white and made from composite. Our restorations are made to ensure they blend with your smile, so in addition to giving you your smile health back, they let you enjoy your previously pristine looking smile, too!

When You Receive Veneers

When you receive porcelain veneers, won’t they look fake, you wonder? Won’t it be extremely obvious that they aren’t your teeth? The answer, since we provide thoughtful dental care design that’s customized to look beautiful with your other features, is of course not! They will look natural, thanks to their extremely thin, layered construction that allows them to appear to be your own teeth!

When Replacing Missing Teeth

Patients are often most worried about what their smiles are going to look like after they receive teeth replacements from us. What’s going to happen once you receive a partial denture, you wonder? What about a dental bridge? You love looking forward to the idea of your smile free of open spaces but you worry that a smile that looks artificial will be worse. This isn’t a concern you need to have. Prosthetic dental care has come a long way and we fully customize the device we design for you. The result? It’s going to look natural and lovely.

See Us For Important Smile Changes

Take the time to talk with us about the care you need, so we can thoroughly speak to any concerns you’re having about the end results. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.