Smile Health: Guilt And Why It Doesn’t Help For Very Long  

September 27, 2018

You might let yourself really feel guilty for a while about something associated with your smile. Maybe your oral health could be better. Maybe you have a cavity. Maybe your smile is yellow and you know you could have avoided it. We understand that guilt can absolutely motivate you to do better next time (and it should!). However, after a while, it’s not really helping you at all, explains your Lake Orion, MI dental team! Curious about what you should be doing instead? It’s simpler than you might think.

You’ll Make Yourself Feel Worse

You don’t want to make yourself feel worse about your oral health or any problems you’re currently facing. As mentioned, of course, it’s great to spend just a moment reflecting on what went wrong. Then, in the future, you’ll remember not to repeat whatever the behavior was, so you can continue on with a fresh start as you plan to keep your smile in wonderful shape. However, if you wallow in that guilt for too long, you may tell yourself that it’s simply too late, that there’s no use brushing and flossing, that a visit would be too embarrassing, and things may worsen. Take care of your smile instead.

You Should See Us Immediately

Yes, you need to schedule a dental checkup with us immediately if you haven’t already but you’re sure something isn’t exactly right with your oral health. Or, if you have already seen us and you know that you require additional dental care, such as a restoration, then you should follow through on it right away. Call us, schedule the care you require, and come in. That way, you really will get back to a clean slate in nothing flat. Maintain excellent preventive care habits from there on out and there will be nothing else to feel guilty about!

Feeling Bad Doesn’t Erase Cosmetic Problems

Do you feel guilty because you have ended up with some sort of esthetic problems? We understand! You may have contributed to them! However, in many cases, even if that’s true, it’s the natural wear-and-tear that takes place throughout life that plays a major role. Remember, you don’t want to have an unrealistic outlook. Instead, recognize that maintaining a perfect smile is nearly impossible but you can easily get your smile looking good again (and keep it that way) with cosmetic care!

See Us When You Need Smile Help

Don’t let guilt take over your thoughts and your oral health. Instead, turn it into motivation and come in for any smile help you need. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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