Your Healthy Smile: Things To Start Doing Immediately

When you want to have a very healthy smile and you know it’s attainable (and something you can easily keep up), you may ask yourself: Where to begin? Of course, you know that you should schedule a preventive care visit with us if it’s been a while, as that will guide you toward any next steps you need to take with us (and we can fill you in on better hygiene at home). However, as for the things you can do right this second to feel you’re making movement toward excellent oral health, you ask? Not to worry: Our Lake Orion, MI team has suggestions that are extremely easy!

Drink Water With/After Every Meal Or Snack

When we talk about your oral health and the care you provide for yourself, one of the reasons you’re keeping your smile so clean is to avoid problems that often include tooth decay, infection, gum disease, etc. Did you know that one extremely beneficial thing that you can begin doing right away is to drink water more frequently? It will immediately begin helping you keep your smile clean by rinsing away debris and ensuring you have sufficient saliva flow (your saliva rinses your teeth and gums, too!).

Review Your Dental Care Each Night

Our team suggests that you also begin taking stock of how your day went at the close of each evening. Ask yourself: Did I brush my teeth two times today? How about flossing, did I floss, too? Was I thorough? Are there any dental hygiene products I’m about to run out of? That way, you can feel certain that you’re not missing out on any aspect of your dental care at home that promotes your best oral health.

Write Down Concerns, Thoughts, And Questions

You can begin writing down your oral health related thoughts right now. As you have a concern, write it down. As you feel confused, write it down. Did a question just pop into your mind about brushing, flossing, cavities, or anything else? Write it down! Keep a list going and then bring it in to us during your next dental checkup and we will happily offer you the information you seek!

Enjoy A Very Healthy Smile When You Schedule Care

Set up the dental care that your smile requires, so you know you’re keeping your every oral tissue in its best health. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.