Gift Wrapping Much? Consider Our Smile Tips!

December 20, 2018

When someone looks for you this week, do you direct them to just look for you under the massive pile of gift wrap, ribbon, bows, tape, and more that you have collected in your home? If you’re wrapping up a frenzy as the days until Christmas quickly wind down, then you know that there’s a lot of coordination required and many different steps toward packaging a beautiful present. This is quite a talent! According to our Lake Orion, MI team, this can also be quite an oral health hazard if you aren’t careful. So, without further ado, let’s line out a few things to look out for as you wrap to ensure you’re not putting your smile health in harm’s way!

Tip: You Shouldn’t Tear Things With Your Teeth

This may go without saying…or maybe not. When you’re wrapping gifts, you may find that you’re holding so many things at once that you end up needing your teeth to tear through the paper. Or to help you cut a piece of tape. Or something else! However, there’s something you need to take very seriously, so your oral health remains A-OK: You shouldn’t do this. It might seem simple and you may wonder how on earth you could ever harm your smile by using your teeth as scissors for delicate materials. However, damage is more possible than you realize. Use scissors instead.

Tip: You Shouldn’t Hold Things With Your Teeth Either

“But I was just holding one of the gifts in my mouth!” you might say. “It was really lightweight, I’m not sure how it ended up breaking my tooth!” You don’t want to have to show up at our practice as you report something like this to us. Not because we will be upset, of course, but because it will mean that you’ll have to come in for restorative care after doing something as simple as wrapping presents. Keep your Christmas free of avoidable crowns and other treatments by not using your teeth.

Tip: Don’t Carry Anything Either

Thought we were done? We’re not! One final way to protect your oral health as you’re taking care of gifts is to be sure you’re not carrying anything in your mouth either. Don’t load your arms up with boxed gifts and then hang a gift bag from your teeth on your way to the Christmas tree or the problems we previously mentioned can happen.

Enjoy Ongoing Oral Health With Our Prevention

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