Tooth Loss: How You’ll Know If A Bridge Is In The Cards!

January 10, 2019

If you’ve been doing any type of studying up on prosthetic dentistry because of your tooth loss, then you may realize there is certainly more than one option for your smile. While it’s nice to have choices, of course, it can also make things feel more overwhelming. How do you choose? How does one distinguish between multiple possible solutions when there are many that will work? When it comes to dental bridges, one helpful deciding factor is that they aren’t for everyone. Are they in the cards for you, you may wonder? Allow our Lake Orion, MI team to help you quickly find out!

You Have Partial Tooth Loss

First things first, recognize that a dental bridge is specifically for partial tooth loss. You can remember this when you refer to the name of the prosthetic: A bridge. It stretches from one side of a gap to the other, so it is clearly not for complete tooth loss!

About Your Partial Loss

A dental bridge isn’t for any type of partial tooth loss. While partial dentures can usually accommodate most numbers of missing teeth, a bridge isn’t going to be able to do the same. Remember it is only appropriate for small numbers of missing teeth. To be specific, you will only be a candidate if you are missing from one to three teeth.

The Arrangement Of Your Missing Teeth

How are your missing teeth arranged? Are you missing two teeth, one on either side of a remaining natural tooth? Or, are you missing two teeth side-by-side? With a dental bridge, this is a very important question. You must remember that bridges “bridge a gap,” which means there cannot be a tooth in the way of the opening. You may only use a bridge to replace one tooth or up to three side-by-side openings.

Your Preferences

A dental bridge is a wonderful option for people who are interested in seeking a prosthetic that is known as a “fixed” prosthetic. This is easiest to explain by simply stating that it will be in place all day every day. We remind you that it is the opposite of a removable prosthetic in that it is not something you can wear at will. It simply becomes an extension of your current smile. Not sure what you want yet? Come see us to get started.

See Our Team To Learn More About Bridges

If you are interested in addressing your tooth loss, remember that coming in to talk about a dental bridge or other prosthetic for your concern is the first step toward restoring your complete smile. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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