Smile Problems: Do You Prefer Treatment Or Serious Damage?

March 5, 2019

One of the most interesting things about smile problems is that in most cases, they come with very effective treatments that can stop the issue right away … but patients often avoid following through with receiving them. Unfortunately, our Lake Orion, MI team is aware that you may not always look at smile protection with our unique perspective. To us, it’s quite obvious that you may choose treatment or that you will probably face serious damage. To you, it may seem like you have lots of time and you may hope for a little bit of magic to come your way! Consider some common instances in which choosing treatment ASAP is a wise choice for a clearer outlook.

Treating A Tooth Facing Infection Or Breakage

If you find that you have a cavity and we suggest a dental filling or even a crown for something a bit more concerning, we remind you: If you choose the restorative treatment right away, your smile goes back to its healthy self and there’s nothing more to worry about. You just get back to life with your preventive care. However, if you don’t come in for that particular type of dental treatment? You’re looking at a serious smile problem that can become severe, more costly, and that will require more advanced care at any second. Don’t go the route of allowing an infection or a big break to happen. Fix your tooth instead.

Treating Jaw Joints Headed For Long-Term Problems

We encourage patients to choose treatment for smile problems that are not so easy to see but that we assure you will certainly lead you toward damage. Remember, an issue like TMJ disorder may cause quiet, mild symptoms in the very beginning. When you select treatment, you head back toward oral health. When you don’t, those jaw joints are under strain, pressure, and will worsen as damage occurs. Preventing damage to these joints is preferable and treatment is so easy!

Treating Inflamed Gums Heading For Widespread Disease

When it comes to inflamed gums that we can guide toward good health again or that can progress toward periodontal disease, we ask: Which do you prefer? To deal with a smile problem that can eventually cause serious destruction and tooth loss? Or, a dental treatment that will reverse the issue? We suggest periodontal therapy ASAP!

Choose Dental Treatments To Protect Your Smile

While you may find that you’d really rather be doing something else with your time, remember that visiting us for necessary dental treatments offers you exceptional oral health protection. It’s worth the time and effort! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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