When Might Bonding Help With Stains?

Is dental bonding the right choice for your smile stains, you wonder? After all, you always just assumed that you were going to come in to our Lake Orion, MI practice for teeth whitening to address your discoloration and call it a day but, lo and behold, you have discovered this isn’t the case. Remember: For a variety of reasons, whitening and other cosmetic treatments aren’t always the best solution for your unique concerns! Treating you with personalized care is always our approach, so let’s review some instance in which we may determine that bonding is actually your best bet!

When It’s Just A Tooth

When it’s just one tooth that has become stained or discolored in some way, you realize that you aren’t really in need of all over teeth whitening. Instead, what you need is to find a way to treat the one tooth, so it matches all of your other teeth. Dental bonding can help! We can color-match the composite used for this cosmetic care treatment, so we may camouflage the tooth with a layer of composite. We’ll then cure the material, shine it up, and your smile will look beautifully consistent once again!

When It’s Irregular Staining

Perhaps you have staining as the result of something like fluorosis, which means you don’t have all over staining. You don’t have one stained tooth either. You probably have mottled stains, making it often too challenging to rely on traditional teeth whitening. Instead, we can rely on the beauty of dental bonding to quickly cover up stains, so your smile is free of discolored areas and one shade again! Let us know if you are ready to consider treatment!

When Your Teeth Resist Whitening

Do you have teeth that just don’t respond well to whitening? Bonding will work wonders, if so, allowing you to reach your whiter smile goals with ease!

When You Have Sensitive Teeth

We know that when you already have naturally sensitive teeth, one thing you don’t want to think about is doing anything that might be uncomfortable for your smile or that could leave you even with mild, heightened sensitivity for a brief spell. Since a small amount of fleeting sensitivity may occur with traditional teeth whitening, this just might not be the best fit for your needs and comfort level. Instead, we may rely on dental bonding for a sensitivity-free option that will guide you toward that much brighter smile you want.

Consider Bonding For Your Smile

Learn more in terms of whether dental bonding may be the solution you’ve been seeking for your smile discoloration! See us just as soon as you are ready to say goodbye to stains and hello to a white smile. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.