Your Kids’ Smiles: Ways To Feel Confident About Sealants

You want to feel confident about the idea of selecting dental sealants for your child, of course. The general idea you get is that they help with prevention and can make it easier for your son or daughter to brush and floss effectively, without ending up with such a high chance of tooth decay. However, you also know that good dental hygiene and professional cleanings offer exceptional protection against issues like decay, so you feel torn: Are sealants necessary or are they not really something that helps that much, you wonder? Our Lake Orion, MI team can answer such questions, as we help you feel much more confident about choosing them.

Come In To Ask Us Questions

Guess what? Most patients have lots of questions about new treatments, especially when those treatments pertain to the oral health of their children! So, if you find yourself with just one question or absolutely bursting with inquiries about dental sealants, we invite you to see our team soon. We’ll be pleased to give you thorough explanations to all of your questions, so you feel confident and excited about all that sealants have to offer.

Remember: They Last A Long Time

We know that when you’re making choices for your kids, one thing you love to hear is that something you’re investing in is going to last a long time! This is most certainly true of dental sealants. They go on with ease and can last upwards of 10 years, which means some serious oral health protection for your little ones (who may not be quite so little once sealants finally wear off).

Compare Your Challenges To Your Child’s

When you start thinking to yourself about whether or not your child should be able to successfully brush and floss without missing a beat, remember not to forget that your little one is just learning how to practice dental hygiene. Now, reflect on your own experience with hygiene. You will quickly see that dental sealants provide your child with extra protection that is absolutely a good idea! Even adults have trouble keeping their teeth (namely back chewing surfaces) completely clean and free of any number of bacteria, which is what leads to the development of tooth decay. When dental sealants are in place, the areas that are extremely difficult to keep clean are protected with a barrier, so the risk of decay is nearly zero. As a result, kids can learn to brush effectively without going up against the huge and very avoidable consequence of developing cavities.

Seek Sealant Information With Our Team

Come in soon to learn so much more about the benefits of dental sealants, what you can expect, and why they are important for your child’s oral health. You’ll have time to ask questions, so you feel confident about treatment. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.