Better Technology Leads to Better Dental Care

Better technology is often more precise and more efficient. This leads to better results, whether you’re trying to paint your house, make a smoothie, or repair your teeth. The dental technology used by your dentist has a tangible effect on your treatment. Better technology leads to better dental care, and that means shorter recovery times, less discomfort, and a happier experience. Innovations in dental technology allow your dentist to complete treatments in fewer visits and in less time. If you’re not used to this level of treatment, it’s time to learn about some of the dental technologies that can improve your experience.

Metal-Free Fillings Fit Better

The old way of making dental fillings involved using a hot metal alloy to fill the cavities in your teeth. This metal alloy was certainly strong, but it left something to be desired in terms of patient comfort and contour. Using metal-free dental resin allows your dentist to create a dental filling that works better for you. The dental resin is more malleable and can fit to the cavity in your tooth more completely. The dental resin can also match your tooth’s enamel in color and texture, giving your filling a more discreet finish.

CEREC Dental Crowns Can Be Completed Quickly

Another improvement in dental technology comes in the form of dental crown fabrication. Dental crowns are useful tools for dentists because they can repair and protect teeth that are too damaged for a filling. However, in the past, dental crowns required a number of visits for fittings and waiting on third-party labs for fabrication. CEREC technology allows your dentist to fabricate a dental crown in-office, in a matter of minutes. After taking precise measurements of your mouth, your dentist can use that data to fabricate your crown with a perfect fit.

You Can Be Proud of Porcelain Dental Prosthetics

Replacing the function of your teeth is important when choosing a dental prosthetic. Tooth loss can cause shifts in your bite and expose you to infection risk. You want to replace your missing teeth, but you also want your replacement teeth to look good. Porcelain bridges and dentures not only functionally replace your missing teeth, but they also restore the natural appearance of your smile. Porcelain prosthetics don’t stand out amongst your other teeth, so you can smile with confidence after your treatment is complete.

Experience Superior Dental Technology at Lake Orion Family Dentistry

Your experience at the dentist’s office matters. The better experience you have, the more likely you are to follow up and actually receive the treatment you need. Lake Orion Family Dentistry is proud to provide quality care and modern dental technology for patients. To learn about all of our treatment options, contact the Lake Orion Family Dentistry office in Lake Orion, MI at 248-693-6213.